About - Geometry Question Generator.


You have reached a site which has one of a kind software for learning geometry.
Across six chapters, you will find 145 geometry problems. Every time you try these problem, you will get a new set of data to work with.
So keep solving geometry problems till you master them.

Do try out our demo to understand the concept better.

Idea was to develop a software to generate question on geometry and evaluate them.
It was believed that developing such a software for geometry was not possible due to the very nature of these exercises.

These exercises were picked up from an old standard X, geometry text book of Maharashtra State Board of Secondary Education, India.
Over a period of time, the sylabus has changed but these exercises can still be useful to a lot of students.
Hence, they are now being made available on the net. Hope you find them useful.

Your feedback is welcome and can be sent to the address mentioned in the exercise.

Do visit our site at eepee.com to know more about eepee.
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